As a clinic focused primarily on veterinary care, boarding length of stays are restricted to 7 nights for pets over 50 lbs. and 10 nights for pets less than 50 lbs.

Canines: McLendon Vet is equipped with a separate kennel facility for our canine animals. Reservation availability is based on your pet’s weight. Large runs are limited, so please book pets over 50 lbs. well in advance.

Felines: Private luxury cat condos are available inside our main clinic.

Required Vaccinations


  • Prior to booking your pet’s first boarding appointment, an exam must be performed by our veterinarians to establish a doctor-patient relationship. During your first visit, your pet vaccination history will be reviewed and an observation of your pet’s temperament will be performed.
  • Any vaccinations that are not up to date will be required to board.
  • Your pet’s reservation is per night. Sunday and/or late pick-ups will assume extra charges.
  • If you are a new patient please fill out our New Patient Form and come in for an office visit before requesting boarding.
  • To request a boarding date use our Boarding Reservation Request Form (This form is for patients who have already had a boarding meet and greet visit or routinely get vaccinations with our DVMs)
  • Print, read, and sign the Boarding Consent PDF.  This must be kept on file for all boarders.


  • Any services requested or required during your stay will be performed.
  • Twice a day your pet will be moved to our individual outside runs while their spaces are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Each run or cage is disinfected between animals.
  • Beddings, water, and food will be refreshed as needed.
  • Baths are included for dogs who stay more than 2 nights.
  • Your pet will be leash walked in our private fenced-in area.
  • Your pet will remain on a leash while walking inside the boundaries of our clinic. Our facility is not set up for playtime with other borders. An abundance of love and care is administered by our team.
Our team truly loves hanging with your pets during their visit and strives to send your pet home healthy, happy, and clean!


1. Label all items with Pet’s First and Last Name
2. Personal Items: Please limit to 1 hard, durable, appropriately sized toy. (No fabrics, soft plastics, bones, horns, or any other animal product such as hooves, ears, etc.)
3. Leash/Collar: Please take yours home after drop off for the safety of your pet during their stay.
4. Food: We encourage owners to bring their pet’s typical food (with clear feeding instructions) to prevent any upset stomachs during their stay. In the event that an owner does not bring food, we will provide food to the pet.  If stomach upset occurs medications are not included.
5. Medication: Bring all medicine in original Rx bottles with clear instructions. (Include the dosage, what time of day you typically give the medication, and if it should be given with food.)
6. Carrier: Cats must be brought in a carrier. Carrier must be labeled!